Painting the Town Gold

Mariah Guilbeault: Synovial Sarcoma

Everything started for me in 6th grade. At first I just had a dull knee pain. Then the pain started to get more intense. I first went to my pediatrician and was told that it was just growing pains. Over the next year the pain got worse and worse. After going to the doctor several times I was finally referred to a tumor specialist, and was told that I did not have a tumor. After that I was referred to a sports medicine doctor who did a surgery to just temporarily relieve my pain. After 2 weeks we got the news that no one wants to hear “You have cancer.” Following those horrible words were 25 radiation treatments, an 8 and half hour surgery including a muscle flap, removal of my outer mcl, and a skin graft. The final and most difficult leg of the journey was chemo complete with hair loss, being tired, sore, and sick for weeks on end. However, this story is not unique to just me.